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Hello, my name is Rebecca.  I study Psychology, English, Spanish and Business.  I took up this opportunity because I'm creative and an outspoken individual.  In the future I am aiming to start a career in Business; to become the manager for my own business would be my goal.


I would say I'm a positive and supportive person.  I enjoy meeting new people and am always open for new experiences.  I like to have fun and just start the day with a smile. Also I like to be spontaneous and just generally have fun with friends and family as they play a big role in my life.



Hey my name is Gus.  I am studying Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Welsh Baccalaureate at College.  I love to watch films of pretty much any genre.  I play guitar and on weekends I row.  I play a lot of games, mainly on the X-Box and PC.  I am the eldest of four in my family and lived in England before moving to Pembrokeshire.  Over the past two years I have got interested in Drum n Bass and Dubstep.



My name is Graeme.  I am currently studying a Level 3 extended diploma in Creative Media Production.



Hey my name is Beth.  I am currently studying Maths, English, Spanish and IT.  I am hoping to gain grades to be able to go to university in a year or so.  In university I would like to study ICT and business as a joint degree.  I am a kind and honest person and always like to have a good laugh with my friends.

I have joined the youth editorial team to develop my ICT and English skills, as I believe that this will help me career ideas.  I am 17 years old and learning to drive - I love it!  I have very good team working skills as I work in a local café with lots of other members of staff.



Hi, I am Sophie. I am studying for my As levels currently at sixth form - the subjects I am studying are; Art, Spanish, Biology and Media - these may seem an odd combination as I am still not sure what I want to do in the future, so hopefully the youth editorial team will help me figure out where I want to go and what I want to do. 

In my free time I love seeing friends and passing the time with them, seeing movies, shopping, going out and just generally having fun, I also love music, reading, being creative and food.



Hello Whoop Whoop!  It's Heather here and I'm introducing the lovely, lovely Yanny!  Hehe! (This is an impression of Yanny's laugh :P)  Yanny is a fun loving, crazy lady.  In her A-Levels, Yanny chose to study Media, English and ICT.  Yanny and I are in the same Media class .  Unfortunately many fo us can't concentrate in our class due to Yanny's insanely loud laugh, which then makes the whole class collapse into fits of giggles.  She's great fun and always makes everyone smile!

Yanny is definitely an amazing person to be around as she makes us laugh, yet she can also be a very sensible ‘school chum' who does greatly in her subjects.  She's determined and creative and never lets anything get her down.  She's a supportive and kind-hearted friend, but with a totally wild side to her.

 All in all, I think Yanny is an awesome person who you'll never have a dull moment with!



Hello, my name is Tess and I am 17.  Currently I am studying for my As levels.  The subjects I have chosen to study are Maths, Spanish, Media and English, as well as the Welsh Baccalaureate. 

I am a creative student and looking to go to university to study a media related course, this is why I have decided to become a member if the youth editorial team.  It allows me to meet new friends and build on my team working skills.  I like to believe I am an ambitious, confident student who thrives to do the best as I can in any of my studies.  I'm always smiling and love to have fun, especially with my friends.  In my free time I play football. 



Hello, my name is Jake.  For my A-Levels I am studying History, Spanish, English Literature and English Language.  I hope to go back to school next year and then to university to study Law. 

I was introduced to the Youth Editorial team through the Youth Assembly and I have joined to develop my creative writing skills.  I work in a coffee shop on the weekends to try and pay the bills and I'm hoping to learn to drive soon, so I don't have to catch the bus to the youth editorial meetings, Haha! 



Hello, ma name is Ella.  I enjoy drama based activities and have taken an active role as a sixth former in the school plays.  I have directed ‘A Midsummer's Night Dream' in my school houseplays and have acted within a sixth form play. 

I have joined the Youth Editorial team to share my views and opinions as a young adult with the World Wide Web, as I believe adolescents have little chance to be heard.



Hi, my name is Martin and I am from Poland.  I have joined the Youth Editorial team to improve my language skills.



Hello dearest.  Its Yanny here, I am going to introduce you to the wacky Heather.  She is a well motivated, bubbly, crazy person.

Heather has unique ideas.  She will be a very valued member of the group.  Big loves for this girl.  Combining our ideas with her will give us extraordinary ideas to work with.  Heather has a keen interest for the media industry and this would be the perfect opportunity.  This girl makes the whole room smile with just word.


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